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American Noise: Volume 2  

The Smart Studios Story’s Second Vinyl Soundtrack celebrates Butch Vig’s early work with 1990s Indie Labels. American Noise Volume 2 is a limited edition, vinyl release soundtrack companion to The Smart Studios Story and celebrates Butch Vig’s early work with 1990s independent labels in the US,

While American Noise: Vol 1 shares the earliest Smart Studios recordings of local, unsigned bands, Vol 2 includes artists who traveled from other scenes in the US to record at the fledgling studio between 1987and1993. This era coincides with the growing reputation of producers Butch Vig and Steve Marker - two self taught, DIY studio owners whose skills took the raw sound of local bands and created polished, powerful analog recordings.

Following the release of Nirvana’s pivotal, Nevermind, both Butch and the studio received an explosion of attention. More and more artists sought to record with Butch and many of them wanted to do it in the crumbling, two-story red brick building on East Washington Avenue.

All of the tracks on American Noise Vol. 2 come out of this period. Sonically, it spans the broad spectrum of Smart's clientele at the time. Pop, acoustic, beat and the heaviest of heavy, chuck full of dirt, growl and thump the way Smart was always able to deliver.

American Noise: Vol 2 Artists and Labels:
Laughing Hyenas - Courtesy of Touch and Go Records
Killdozer - Courtesy of Touch and Go Records
Die Kreuzen- Courtesy of Touch and Go Records
Urge Overkill - Courtesy of Touch and Go Records
TAD – Courtesy of Sub Pop Records 
The Fluid – Courtesy of Sub Pop Records
Crucifucks Courtesy of Alternative Tentacles
Cosmic Psychos – Courtesy of Amphetamine Reptile
Cherubs – Courtesy of the band (formerly with Trance Syndicate)
Young Fresh Fellows – Courtesy of Frontier Records
Gumball – Courtesy of Sony
The Singing Irishman – Courtesy of himself

A1 Tad Jack 3:12
A2 Cherubs Shoofly 3:03
A3 Laughing Hyenas Wild Heart 3:22
A4 Die Kreuzen Gone Away 3:37
A5 – Killdozer Lupus 3:09
A6 – The Crucifucks Wisconsin 2:26

B1 – Cosmic Psychos Dead Roo 3:04
B2 – Young Fresh Fellows Sittin' On A Pitchfork 2:36
B3 – The Fluid Our Love 3:01
B4 Gumball Accelerator 3:28
B5 Urge Overkill Faroutski 3:20
B6 The Singing Irishman* Balloon Man 1:40

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